5 reasons to maintain a current Cannabis blog

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By maintaining a cannabis blog, talking about things in your industry, you automatically use key words that you would like to be associated with on the web.  Google gives you brownie points every time on of your key words or phrases are searched and makes you a your site becomes a little more relevant in it’s big Googley eyes.  This is the biggest reason to keep a blog and make it informative.

new port richey gay dating city Bridgeview 1. Search engines look for key words and phrases.  Optimized Blog content a crucial component to cannabis marketing on the web. 

It is also smart to keep a list of the words and phrases you think people will search and incorporate them into your marijuana blog posts.  Slowly but surely you move up in relevance with search engines and start getting more traffic (& inquiries!)

It’s fairly common knowledge that the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) like content that is regularly updated. This means that their complex algorithms will promote websites that are frequently updated above those that are static. Updating your cannabis blog once a week or more gives the content on your site a better chance of being found by potential clients.  The higher you rank, the better chance you have of appearing in a higher position in search results.

gay dating site port angeles washington 2. Sharing knowledge helps position you as an authority in the cannabis industry and builds trust.

This is so valuable when building your reputation and your business. Think of it as sharing your expertise with the world. Once you start appearing in organic Google searches, potential clients will be more likely to come to you for help when they need your services.  Having a back log of useful advice on your blog will tell people that you know the cannabis industry well and build up trust.

list of free porn site for dating 3. Informative content attract prospects to your website

The more content you have on your cannabis website (blog in particular) which is packed full of keywords and language to do with your business, the more findable it is in the search engines. The more people find information that is useful to them and engages with them, the more time they will spend on your website. The more time people spend on your website, the more likely they are to remember your name and your products or services when they or a contact need them.

Keep your name in front of them as well as prospects, and you never know where the next recommendation and job might come from!

http://travelingmartinezes.com/23-cat/casino_4.html 4. Engaging with your followers by responding to their comments, connects you to them and humanizes your blog.

Cannabis Blogs are not a one-way conversation. Once your audience has grown, you will get comments, shares, etc. on your blog posts, and on the places where you promote them.

One of the golden rules of cannabis blogging is that you need to respond to your comments. Some bloggers are very good at this, some are not. I’m sure everyone’s commented excitedly on a blog post, only to find their comment is effectively “ignored”, with no reply from the writer. Just like in real life, people can get their feelings hurt if their words go unnoticed. Most blogging platforms alert users to replies, and you want to keep that feature switched on and engage with your audience, otherwise they will stop coming back.

encontro de catequese tema namoro questioningly 5.Grow your community

For new start-ups, growing a community is the first step in cannabis marketing efforts, and that often includes building a community of brand ambassadors. Taking the time to chat and engage with your following will cause others to join in and soon you will have an array of friends liking your images, commenting on your posts and asking you questions about your cannabis products, forwarding your posts to their friends, etc, etc.  It takes time but before long, you’ll be spending less on ads, and finding yourself doing projects for friends of friends or boosting cannabis sales because of brand awareness and the connections you’ve made.  People trust cannabis brands that other people like.  Social media can show new buyers that you are fun, smart and enjoy other humans.