ALL STRAIN Co2 Cannabis Oil Extraction coming to Washington by | Feb 28, 2015 | Uncategorized | 0 comments Cannabis oil extraction is definitely in high demand.  Eden Labs is months out on pre-orders and outdoor growers can increase the value of their flower by 700%, and value of their trim by 5000%. Phase I WA grower/processors have been cropping out and few are set up to produce or purchase concentrated oil for processing into products.  There has been a stock pile of dry flower and trim piling up around Washington state.  There has also been some very grey areas around processors doing extractions for other processors.  Who knew that being first out of the gate could be both a blessing and a curse?

Pueblo West glenferrie gay dating site Solution: ALL STRAIN is coming to the rescue, launching a chain of extraction and processing facilities across Washington to service grower/processor extraction needs.

Kafue headlines for adult dating sites All Strain found Brandsy, the “best marijuana web design company they could find” for their Cannabis branding, marijuana website design & marketing management.

dating relationship unconstitutional california domestic violence civically We’re thrilled to have such a forward thinking new partner and client. All Strain will help producers and processors accomplish their production goals and help them save time and money so they can beat the competition to market with new cannabis products.

Written by Amanda Eley