Where to look for Marijuana Marketing ideas? Right here.

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Maastricht fruit party casino Generally the internet is very limiting for Cannabis growers and processors advertising abilities.  

Here are some websites that allow cannabis product ads…

Palmeira das Missões rainbow riches you tube Leafy: http://mantisadnetwork.com
Marijuana Venture Magazine: http://www.marijuanaventure.com
Dope Magazine: http://www.dopemagazine.com
Medical Jane : Medical Jane
The Daily Chronic : http://www.thedailychronic.net
Mantis ads network : http://mantisadnetwork.com

Marketers in any vice industry face political, legal, and cultural challenges when communicating the message of their brand or product. Cannabis and medical marijuana marketing is no exception. The legalization of legal cannabis for recreational use in Colorado and Washington has created both opportunities in a new market as well as uncertainties associated with advertising to this market.

apologetically gay dating city near concord nsw Like the banks, the media industry as a whole is averse to promoting recreational cannabis due to its controversial nature. While two states have legalized this activity and others are planning on putting the issue to a vote, federal law still considers it to be illegal. Marijuana retailers are technically considered to be narcotics traffickers, and marketers in the sector can be viewed as accomplices.

north massapequa gay dating city Google, one of the main online advertising outlets, has long restricted searches related to drugs out of its own conviction. Other advertising channels, such as newspapers and billboards, are legally restricted from accepting advertising money related to drugs. This is true in cities where the substance is legal for both recreational and medicinal use.

These laws work to protect underage individuals from seeing the advertisements and sparking their interest in drug use. For example, Colorado laws state that any kind of mass media advertising that has the potential to reach 30 percent or more individuals under the age of 21 is restricted.
Online content that does not block minors’ access cannot contain marijuana advertising. Signage, flyers, and leaflets are also restricted as their reach cannot be controlled. Similar advertising regulations apply in Washington as well. However, some startup advertising agencies are emerging to help marijuana retailers with their advertising.
Seattle’s Brandsy Creative is one such company, whose services include logos and packaging design, search engine optimization, Web page design, marketing consulting.
There are other methods that marijuana retailers use to promote themselves as well. Sponsoring charity walks, sporting events, and live concerts have been an effective means of public relations for some dispensaries.

Az̧ Z̧āhirīyah white lotus casino coupons Despite these legal restrictions in advertising, the question as to whether marijuana dispensaries should advertise their products remains. On the one hand, they are a legal business in Colorado and Washington, and it is their ethical duty to generate a profit. But is this profit generated to the detriment of society? Some argue that the legality of the issue does not mean that it should be promoted.

The use of marijuana is linked to side effects, including memory loss, a tendency toward depression, and a lack of motivation. It is also linked to more positive side effects such as slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s, reducing the spread of cancer, and controlling epileptic seizures. Despite these linkages, adequate research has not been compiled to make any definitive claims.
So in summary, the world of cannabis is changing fast.  States are coming onboard every few months and more and more options are arising for advertisers.  The landscape is changing.  Companies like Brandsy are at the forefront of branding and marketing and can help navigate this potentially turbulent ride.
Contact hello@brandsy.co for cannabis advertising, marijuana ads, website or packaging needs.  They can also create your print and web ads and manage your ad campaign for any of the websites listed above.