Marijuana retailers choosing only the best cannabis products

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carta de amor para reatar namoro Best cannabis products is a loose term. It should be based entirely on whats in the package right?  Marijuana product design is proving to be the most important part of the equation in Washington’s recreational cannabis industry.

lovoo kostenlos anmelden quickborn There was a brief period when Washington’s recreational marijuana industry was desperate for any & all, worst and best cannabis products. Growers were in control. Demand was high & the supply was very low. Retailers were scrambling to secure product & were paying top dollar. Wholesale prices were as high as $15 per gram & retailers had no choice but to pay high prices.

anonym gay chat up lines edmonton Yādgīr Now, only 6 months after the July 8, 2014 legal marijuana launch, the tables have drastically turned. Growers have been stock piling cannabis flower & trim & processors have a plethora of competition for precious shelf space. Wholesale prices have been driven down. The Washington State Liquor Control Board intends to have 334 licensed retail stores across the state, but so far, less than 80 have currently opened. The amount of licensed producer/processors has exceeded the retail shelf space.

igame casino 150 free spins Hiji The necessity for stand out branding is now crucial if processors wish to seize some market share. Brand awareness will even out weigh product quality until the industry levels off. Processors must invest in their branding. Also their sales representation & presentation must be professional & thorough.

casino online play real money Retailer presentation should include a website and social media pages, product & packaging images, a list of all available products, test results, price per gram & a prompt for immediate order. Follow up communication & a face to face with a sales professional will solidify a relationship with a new retailer.

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By Amanda Eley