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site de relacionamento de outros paises Kawaguchi Marijuana packaging design is tricky.   Should you use a marijuana leaf in your logo and art work?  How many million ways are there to design a leaf?  Does it feel cliche to use a leaf?   Our answer is yes and no.  It depends on your business and target audience really.  If your company prides itself in growing top shelf bud then there should probably be some plant material in your mark. How you want your brand perceived by a consumer or patient should be conveyed subtly if not blatantly in your logo/mark and tag lines.  Buyers eyes often don’t get past a poorly designed logo to find out that a product is actually one of the best in the shop.

Worthing 888 casino trustpilot Left brainers will look at the visual quality of your logo or package design, weigh it against their own values and tastes, then consult with the right brain, checking cannabinoid levels and ingredients, then make a decision.  Right brainers will do the opposite.  Geography weighs into every target market.  Every segment of every market has it’s own set of values. Even the best branding company in the world will have difficulty not alienating a few market segments.  Cheech and Chong stoners chasing high THC strains look primarily at THC levels to make their decisions.  An older lady treating her arthritis or cancer with cannabis instead of pharmaceuticals will likely be looking at trustworthy medical looking branding along with budtender knowledge.  So many factors to consider before designing marijuana packaging.

Brandsy Creative set’s out to find a minimal yet colorful balance of language and graphic design that conveys your vision and defines and attracts a brand’s primary consumer.

Below we go into more detail about the creative process for each component in your brand’s arsenal. `
There is so much more that goes into a successful brand than a simple logo and basic package and website. You have to picture where you want your brand to be positioned in 3 years and plan for success.

Cannabis branding


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After discovery of vision and goals, we establish some points of reference, develop a mood board to narrow in on direction, then we pool our creative juices and show you multiple first drafts of your new logo and roughly how your final product could look.

This first round kicks off the creative process and acts as a compass for the rest of a project.  We present as many drafts as necessary until you love your new logo.  Design elements stem from your logo for everything else related to you branding.  Your logo really is no place for cutting corners.  It seems small but it really is at the heart of your brand and will play a large role in consumer decisions.


Product Development, Packaging Design, IP Protection & Licensing

We help your ideas grow or suggest something entirely new that the world needs. Then design labels and packaging that will stand out from the rest.



Website Design

The absolute best thing you can do for your new cannabis brand is create a strong online presentation so you can show buyers how much pride you take in what you do. A website is your strongest sales tool.  It’s the first place potential buyers will visit to learn more about your company, team and products.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Using the most relevant key words and phrases in your website copy & weekly blog posts boosts visibility to your target audience.  We optimize your content then set our SEO hamsters on attack.



Signage & Tradeshow Design

Like your logo, signage is the first thing many see when considering doing business with you. It reflects your attention to detail and the quality of your product, especially for trade shows where the competition is thick.

cannabis blog

Banner & Print ads design & management

We work closely with leading Industry media partners like Marijuana Venture Magazine, Dope Magazine, MJNewswire and Mantis Ads Network  which sends your banner ads to over 70 industry websites like Leafly, The Daily Chronic & The Stoners Cookbook.  We design your print and banner ads around your goals.



Hot new brands deserve professional images for their big debut. We’ll get you a load of creative professional shots for print ads, web promotion, posts and order forms. is based in downtown Seattle.